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Report bug security high problem in the Admin manager
« on: March 18, 2018, 10:55:51 PM »
We all know the excellent and solid system that is CWP6, all the benefits that the system gives us are incredible with a total solids and a backup from the community to the CentOs system and its developers.

{But, have you ever thought about it?}

Have you ever wondered how simple it is to infect a server ?, Without more details of the methodologies used by hackers in a fast, simple and sensitive way is knowing the name of the administrator account = root is the first stage.

In this occasion due to force majeure I was forced to use CentOs, which is undoubtedly a great operating system, the problem is in CWP6 and its security flaw is not small but big.

It does not have administrators management which means that it leaves in a guaranteed manner a great security warning that owes CWP6 to its users.

You can remove the privileges to root, but this means that the whole system would stop, so it will see you abandon the whole system image and reinstall everything from 0, because also the CWP6 system does not present a restoration point, if you have read, the CWP6 system has a tremendous failure presented within its management systems, so that if you do a full VPS image backup there is no chance of return something that puts a great failure not only security, but it presents operational problems as basic as a recovery to it.

Is there any way to manage the accounts of administrators? How is the procedure? Is there a module or should we touch it?