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Title: SOA Test results for my domain at (need suggestion)
Post by: zeejdeej on May 09, 2020, 12:11:00 AM

SOA Tests

Your SOA record according to is:
Master Nameserver:
Hostmaster E-Mail Address:
Serial #:

FAIL: This value is extremely high. A good suggestion would be between 300-3600 (5 minutes to 1 hour). This value is even higher than the refresh value which makes very little sense. This should be adjusted.
Default TTL:

FAIL: This value is a little high. The recommended values per RFC1912 are 3600-10800 (1 to 3 hours). This value is primarily used for negative caching. This is how long a dns cache will cache that a record does not exist before trying to look it up again.
Successes: 6 Tests Passed
Failures: 1 Failure
Warnings: 1 Warning

in cwp panel the recommended values are shown as :
Refresh Recommended: 86400
Retry Recommended: 7200
Expire Recommended: 3600000
TTL Recommended: 172800

in both the zone files i.e. : &

MNAME is set to :
RNAME is set to :

kindly suggest of this is correct or for ns2 MNAME should be and what should be in RNAME for both