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Title: Disk Quota
Post by: AlAamry on May 26, 2020, 07:53:58 AM
Hello ,
There are two very critical problems in CWP, the main one is the email quota currently not part of account disk quota which mean that if  user account set with disk quota 10 GB his emails quota it can exceed the disk limit  and I have a user in my CWP his account from 5 GB disk limit  using now more than 9 GB and there is no way to control this?? And I think the MySQL quota  not part of user account disk as well???!

The second one is the (Max Quota per Email Address ) this will control the limit of each mailbox as some users they use to create always email with unlimited quota which increase the disk usage especially for the users on unlimited disk quota plan  :)

I hope this will be fixed ASAP.

Thank you ,
Title: Re: Disk Quota
Post by: ponch9 on January 18, 2021, 07:19:45 PM
We also just realized that email and db sizes not calculate towards user quotas set in CWP. Is there a workaround on this? Our business is depending on these thing working properly, so we can charge accordingly, and make sure we're planning server usage correctly. As of now, it's basically worthless quota feature in CWP. Ie, a customer paying for 20GB of space, they're using 500MB of web site space, but have 6 emails that are about 5-8GB each. That's well over 20GB that we are charging them. We would need to let them know, and upgrade them to next package. However, we did not know that this was the case, until server started to run out of space. :(
Now we ran the command to check disk usage for emails:
Code: [Select]
du -sh /var/vmail/*Then the command to check DB's:
Code: [Select]
du -h /var/lib/mysqlIt's really sad to see how much space my customers are using, without us knowing that it's not showing inside CWP correctly. Now we know, and we have to implement a procedure to monitor this on a frequent basis, with the commands above.
Hopefully CWP developers can come up with something to solve this. I believe cPanel kept all the emails inside the /home/user directories, and as the user, not in a main server directory as root user. But maybe I'm wrong. I don't use cPanel anymore I can't check it.
Thanks for your hardwork. Looking forward to putting this issue behind us sometimes soon.

Title: Re: Disk Quota
Post by: cinique on January 18, 2021, 07:40:31 PM
This was mentioned a long time ago and I also made the suggestion to contain mail under the user's home directory (with a soft link to the original place, for backward compatibility). The only hope currently, is to have client's use external email providers but that is frequently unacceptable/impractical.
I've also stated that the (crazy) default of mySQL/mariadb is to store databases in /var/lib/mysql and that needs to be addressed.
Seasoned sysadmins know to have a separate /var (/var/lib/mysql) so that can help but doesn't solve the quota issue.

I regularly criticise (geddit?) CWP and offer suggestions for improvement. Even the easy ones are often ignored.  :-\
Of course, I know sod all, so they rarely listen to me.

Y'all need to SHOUT LOUDER!  :o
Title: Re: Disk Quota
Post by: ghoste on April 03, 2021, 05:21:49 PM
if this problem were also solved to take into account in e-mail the space allocated on the hosting package would be the coolest control panel, unfortunately my conclusion is that at first it was probably designed for internal use for example a company with many employees a server on which to publish the site and of course the part of the e-mail not counted and not for external hosting services for any customers. You can also work on the AntiSpam part, the SpamExperts module is included but the tutorial is incomplete, it does not specify that a license is needed, it has shortcomings.
I use CWP Pro on 13 servers, the other day I received 2 more physical servers that support at least 15 virtual machines and now I'm thinking if we give up cwp, get 15 more licenses or switch to cPanel, because the e-mail part makes us big problems, if a client receives access to CWP User, in vain I as an administrator limit his e-mail boxes according to the hosting plan, he can access and make changes to the box to put it unlimited ... This problem will be solved in the near future ? If we don't know what to do