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In my case is beacuse a bug in CWP when it pass the SSPASS it create a double quoted password " ' password ' "" so the password is incorrect and gave me a conection error.

I am still waiting for the Update meanwhile I am creating my own script to bulk copy backups from cpanel to CWP and then restore in CWP.

Also check if your emails in cpanel are compressed otherwise you have to activate it in dovecot in CWP to read the compressed emails.

that works fine but if you use zlib in cpanel you can read it in CWP you have to activate zlib for dovecot

at this time the cPanel Server Migration does not work I am waiting for an Update. while these I am doing the migration with my own scripts for bulk migrations.

I create my own script

1. pkgacct $user (use a for o while to backup all accounts)
2. scp /home/*.gz root@newserverip:/home
3. rm -rf /home/*.gz

and then in the CWP start restoring one by one and check if everythings is OK

hope there will be a command like cpanel in CWP to restore and backup accounts.

CentOS-WebPanel GUI / Dovecot Enable Email Compression
« on: February 06, 2020, 04:26:20 PM »
I activate the compression in dovecot to store and read the emails in gz everything works fine even with the migration.

But the CWP admin panel can't read it would it be possible to extend this funcionality o add this in future release. before read it just have to get the file type like un terminal > file file_path to get if it is compressed or plain.

brest regards.

Updates / Re: CWPpro version:
« on: February 06, 2020, 03:42:15 PM »
They can start from

"Nothing major seems to be broken in this release"


Of course, it is rare for CWP for now, but sounds optimistic.

They broke the migration server from cPanel when you want to create a new conection the root password is double quotet export SSHPASS=" ' password ' "

so you can connect with the cpanel server even if you have the API token.



Why not use the migration module from cpanel and just check the email option

Hi Sr. I already use the migration tool to copy accounts from cpanel to cwp. everything works fine except by the email that I can open in roundcube.

I create a new account in cwp to test and create new email and already sent a email after this, I check in console the content of the email and it is plain text so I can read it; but when i do the same to the imported email from cpanel they are like binary files unredeable.

Any solu

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