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Installation / Re: Suggestion to CWP
« on: August 31, 2021, 08:46:57 AM »
After testing CWP Pro I found several errors/disadvantages:

1. Web GUI sometimes very slow
2. The Backup Database does not work on User Panel
3. Some websites suddenly error when using PHP FPM, there is log to describe this error
4. There is no Email Delivery feature, so hard to determine if email error
5. PHPMyAdmin not integrated yet, user my enter username and password for each database user they have created
6. Website Theming: not using same theme, i.e: File Manager look like no theming, another page has different logo
7. There is no integration to Help Desk/Support directly to CWP Team
8. Ticket does not related to CWP Support Team, I must buy support again, so total cost will be bigger than CPanel or DirectAdmin
9. The Dashboard show many statistic rather than tools we used daily, while CPanel has better UI
10. When we change Webserver and/or setting than the process running on background, I must manually tail log to see the progress. Another compiling available on other menus, while CPanel has EasyApache which makes everything easy to setting anda compile
11. According to EasyApache, CWP Pro has no feature to save my settings
12. File Manager: Rename icon use Edit icon, while Edit icon use Coding icon
13. Dashboard: CPU and Disk I/O always 0 (zero)
14. File Manager: what is Resolve Ids? There is no popup/hint to describe
15. Service Management: there is no feature to restart Service
16. Advanced File Manager: there is no different to Regular File Manager
17. Mail Queue: there is no filter
18. CSF: no UI, only plain editor while CPanel provides UI
19. DNS: no clear/reset DNS feature ce site internet
20. Mobile: the web UI not ready for mobile

After using CWP several months then we decide back to CPanel again to avoid users complains. We will use CWP again once this product meet our daily requirements. Now, we also try Interworx.

I just realize that your logo on Order/Billing System is different, this logo better.
It is simple and fresh.

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Mailbox usage bug?
« on: August 30, 2021, 03:19:39 PM »

I'm having this same issue. Digging more about it, found out that the mail and db calculations are reporting the wrong size.

In my case, one account has home folder reported correctly, but mail disk usage are show as 37 MB (Yes, mega-byte) instead of 37 GB disk usage for all mails from that account, that's why I was assuming the disk quota usage was not working. Another account with total mail usage 1.4 GB is reporting 1.4 MB, and all others have the same issue, so there is a problem in calculating mail and DB usage, not in system quota. j'ai commandé ce tapis

Also, found in user home folder, .conf/.cachespaces.json that are created when user logs in in cwp portal, when I change the size manually in this file adding the missing numbers, it show correct, but if I delete the file, it re-creates again with wrong size.

# cat .cachespaces.json

# du -s /var/vmail/someaccount/
38466848        /var/vmail/someaccount/

Hope this helps in fixing the bug (wich I think this is)

Thank you, worked for me !

Information / Re: CWP Pro Ativation?
« on: August 30, 2021, 02:19:27 PM »
Run the following ce site de bobs
sh /scripts/update cwp

It worked for me, than you a lot :)

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