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Information / Re: Update
« on: June 27, 2023, 04:23:38 AM »

first it's about quota bug, and staff already confirm that was bug. yes i post 1 bug/glitch or version error in many title, because it different case... you can see the example about user quota. first i report at root level, then reseller, then user level. and thx to staff. it already done except the "more info" about space in the left side (user panel) and at reseller panel (reseller usage)

i know development, i start programming from basica but now already stop that all and i just end user now. sometimes error coming up to the surface only for upgrade, sometimes for fresh clean install, that the use of forum report right ?

and about this topic, i just want to know what people said about 47, just share info. it's normal that what i call with "end user experiences" sometime we do not need update. sometimes update will fix all sometimes it will make new trouble.

and after i post this thread. in few moment later, i check my cwp already updated. thats why i post next thread about "how to stop cwp automatically push/auto update"


btw, igor.... what your enduser comment about version 47
I found that in the latest version this error no longer appears.

Why are they blocking my IP when I have never visited before?

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