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Updates / CWP Panel altering system apps permissions
« on: October 15, 2019, 04:16:55 PM »
Hello everyone!
Don't know what happened to the CWP team, but you're going to the wrong direction.
Did you guys built PHP-FPM?

Why do you alter PHP-FPM permissions just to "attract" more PRO subscribers? Who does that and with what permission do you modify system files without telling users about that?

Why PHP-FPM worked until you thought, oh, wait we can FORCE users to buy CWP PRO, else you can't use PHP-FPM! REALLY? WTF is wrong with you guys.

I didn't used and didn't cared about PHP-FPM selector, why are you altering the permission to the php-fpm executable?

If I manually installed and configured PHP-FPM WTF are you altering the permission for the executable?

You have a really big thumbs down for this.

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