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SSL / Why CWP don't have "Custom SSL functionality" for customers
« on: May 12, 2020, 09:44:35 AM »
For example they buy their own ssl or certificate and they can add it to their domain themselves
Currently they can only use AutoSSL or need admin to add their custom certificate

And please design a place for them to generate CSR and Private KEY (Self-signed Certificate).

Thanks you very much!

[AntiDDOS] How to Install vDDoS & CSF on CWP to AntiDDOS, DOS, SYN Flood, HTTP Floods attack

vDDoS Layer4 Mapping is a addon support for vDDoS Proxy Protection - Monitor processor logs and block it in Layer 3-4. This tool is product for those people ask me to add "BLOCK & CAPTCHA" on Layer 3-4 (Support Iptables CSF & CloudFlare API) for vDDoS Proxy Protection.

1. Install vDDoS Proxy Protection + CWP

Please visit Part 1:

2. Install vDDoS Layer4 Mapping

Code: [Select]
curl -L -o /usr/bin/vddos-layer4
chmod 700 /usr/bin/vddos-layer4

Use vDDoS-Layer4-Mapping:

Code: [Select]
(Choose options 5)

Code: [Select]
   Welcome to vDDoS, a HTTP(S) DDoS Protection Reverse Proxy. Thank you for using!

        Please choose vDDoS Layer 4 Running Mode:

         CloudFlare Mode:
          1. Enable Captcha-All-Country Mode (Recommend This Mode For Large DDoS Attacks)
          2. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Captcha Mode
          3. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Block Mode
          4. Remove all rules exist on CloudFlare Firewall

         CSF Mode:
          5. Enable Monitor-vDDoS-logs-and-Block Mode
          6. Remove all rules exist on CSF

         End & Exit:
          7. End All Process (Kill all Process Mode Running)
          8. Exit

Enter Your Answer [1, 2, 3... or 8]:

DOS Flood Attack - Before using vDDoS Protection:

DOS Flood Attack - After using vDDoS Protection:

View More Config:

[AntiDDOS] How to Install vDDoS on CWP to AntiDDOS, DOS, SYN Flood, HTTP Floods attack

What is vDDoS?

vDDoS Proxy Protection is free software to provide a Reverse Proxy Server HTTP(S) protocols. It act as a Layer 7 Firewall Filter & Mitigate DOS, DDOS, SYN Floods, or HTTP Floods attack to protect your website.

System Requirement:
CentOS Server 5/6/7 x86_64 (
CloudLinux Server 5/6/7 x86_64 (

Install vDDoS Proxy Protection on Centos Web Panel

1. Install vDDoS Proxy Protection: (Please goto vDDoS Homepage and get new version)

Code: [Select]
curl -L -o /usr/bin/vddos
chmod 700 /usr/bin/vddos
/usr/bin/vddos help

/usr/bin/vddos setup

2. Install Centos Web Panel: (Please goto CWP Homepage and get new version)

Code: [Select]
cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest

3. Change Default Port Apache Listen of Centos Web Panel:

CWP Setting > Edit Setting > Apache Port > 8080 (or something like that)

Code: [Select]
[root@vddos ~]# netstat -lntup|grep httpd
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      7466/httpd

4. Config vDDoS Proxy Protection:

Code: [Select]
nano /vddos/conf.d/website.conf

# Website           Listen            Backend               Cache  Security  SSL-Prikey  SSL-CRTkey no     5s             no          no
default no     5s             no          no

Security mode: no < 307 < 200 < click < 5s < high < captcha

vDDoS Restart:

Code: [Select]
[root@vddos ~]# vddos restart
vDDos service Restart success!

4. Example Test website:

Security DDOS mode: 5s checking

Security DDOS mode: reCaptcha checking

View More Config:

Part 2:

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