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Hey guys, new to the forum, having some issues and would appreciate some help.

I've been hosting my site in one shared hosting provider for the past few years, it's been good, but recently support has been garbage, unknowledgeable and they have

been making mistakes left and right. Not to mention the limitations in the data allowed, indoes being exceeded and honestly just brutally bad technical support.

So, what is the best? Move to dedicated server with high/unlimited bandwidth? Or move the backend services and website hosting to dedicated then keep the mail

somewhere else?

I need to host websites, emails and backend service. The biggest needs are:
1. Fast, reliable and stable web hosting.
2. Same for email.
3. Root level Linux access for the service.
4. I don't want to get complex so I'm looking for cPanel managed services.
5. I want a web hosts which located their data center in europe, UK or France servers are preferred (this because of speed)
6. Preferably using Centos Linux

I've been looking around at different hosts and I found that can support my needs. Are you familiar to them?  Or if you have another recommendation, please let me know.
Thank you!

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