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I can access Roundcube email from the clients "" URL but I don't want that and it doesn't look professional.  I want the or to work for my clients.  Has anyone got this to work properly?  Also, has anyone been able to connect a gmail account to a Roundcube mail account hosted under CWP?


E-Mail / GMailify not available for Postfix based email account.
« on: March 26, 2019, 04:04:02 PM »
I have a hosted domain with email account with which the users want to use GMailify.  CentOS 7 is fully updated and I'm using CWP PRO.  I can send and receive email using Roundcube with no problems. 

When I attempt to link one of the Postfix email accounts to a GMail account using GMailify I get the following response from Gmail:
GMailify is not available for this provider.

Is this a standard problem with CWP or is it possibly a problem due to the rDNS and DMARK issues that remain?

Is it possible to link the accounts using GMailify?

CentOS-WebPanel GUI / Broken File Permissions after site upload
« on: February 11, 2019, 08:04:11 PM »
All on a CentOS 7 Linode.

Created a new user with domain X. 
Logged into Webpanel with account of user X.
Create MySQL Database and User, imported database exported from CPanel - OK!
Looged into FTP using FileZilla using credentials of user X
Uploaded Wordpress site (originally from cPanel) to the public_html folder of User X
Browsed website using Chrome and saw the wesbite front end.
Logged into the Wordpress site.

Attempted to use any Admin functionality - FAILED

Back in Webpanel as User X attempted top set permissions for files in public_html.

Wordpress site now completely broken with Permission error.

Log into Webpanel as root, Fix Account Permissions, selected nobody - fix, selected User X - fix.

Retest  Wordpress site - STILL broken with permissions error.

Suggestion? Help?

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