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Installation / Would this installation / configuration be possible?
« on: April 01, 2020, 08:21:20 PM »
Running CWP on Apache httpd mostly for DNS/Mail configuration and have nginx/Tomcat totally independent from CWP for websites.

I'd like to manually maintain my nginx/Tomcat. And CWP not to even know they exists to avoid any misconfiguration/update issues.

Is this even possible?

I puzzled. I use Nginx Only web server configuration and for the sake of test I commented out every reference to /pma in nginx configs and restarted nginx. phpmyadmin still loads by accessing it like: https://my_ip_address:2031/pma

#       location /pma {
#               proxy_pass;
#               include;
#       }



I'm very new to CWP and have one (CWP7Pro) installed on CentOS 7 with NGINX.
I had bad experience with cPanel/WHM in the past overriding Apache configs if there were any auto updates to it.

Will CWP override any of the nginx configs under any circumstances? (besides manually rebuilding stuff).

And, is there any way to disable auto updates? I can't find any update related menu in it yet.


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