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I've reinstalled CWP 12 times already. this is my last try.

Fresh installation, no websites yet running but addres user account with full domain.

I can access IP directly with browser but not :2030 or :2031
I can access one user domain with domain name but no port selection works, can't access login pages.
I can log into the with SSH as well.

so basically I can't log into the CWP admin or User.

P.S. ( after adding a user CWP generates this, which can't be and probably bug?

" Panel URL: http://server.domainmine.net127.0.0.1:2082???

I believe access broke after I installed Let's encrypt for the user domain. I used CWP to install it, user cp refused to install lets encrypt. go figure.  /shrug

Running Centos 7
CWP Pro.
Apache+Nginx-php-fpm (forced)
One user account domain , different then hostname FQDNS

Server: KVM, 2core cpu, xeon, 3GB ram, 40GB SSD.

Installation / How do we use domain instead of ip to log in CWP?
« on: July 28, 2020, 03:05:26 PM »
A bit confusing stuff. If anyone could help out.

1. How to use domain instead of IP to log into CWP admin
2. how to make that domain a secure under ssl / https
3. do we have to create user for the main FQDNS in CWP?

Additoinal info: Right now Im using child name servers at my domain regiistrars pointed to dedicated ip where CWP is installed. and NS1, NS2 pointed to the ip inside CWP.

Any help is appreciated.

I just went through 6 google captchas just to post this message...

Like this .

Server IP: 1xx.1xx.1xx.xx | server.mysuperserver.net127.0.0.1

Does this need fixing?

Why is local ip attached to it, syntax doesn't feel right.

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