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Installation / BIND Installation failed
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:37:13 AM »
I have configured the BIND DNS however it failed.

Here's the error message:
Starting named: Error in named configuration: zone localhost.localdomain/IN: loaded serial 0 zone localhost/IN: loaded serial 0 zone loaded serial 0 zone loaded serial 0 zone loaded serial 0 dns_rdata_fromtext: /var/named/ near eof: unbalanced parentheses zone loading from master file /var/named/ failed: unbalanced parentheses zone not loaded due to errors. _default/ unbalanced parentheses [FAILED]

So i did some changed on my from /var/named/localhosts A record from to my IP.

@   IN SOA  @ rname.invalid. (
                                     0   ; serial
                                        1D   ; refresh
                                        1H   ; retry
                                        1W   ; expire
                                        3H )    ; minimum
        NS   @
        AAAA    ::1

and my var/named/  one of the A record pointing to changed to my IP "".

But it still failed.

Why would it happened?

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