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PHP Selector / Re: PHP-FPM Not Working (503 Service Unavailable)
« on: February 02, 2021, 10:41:29 PM »

I have the same problem

when I config apache<-varnish<-nginx with php-fpm the website go down (with php-cgi it's ok)

finaly I try two things and now it's working (but I don't know why)

1) in "user accounts -> fix permissions" for user nobody, I fix permissions from 644 to 755 php files (maybe it's not that)

2) I think it's that, after compil all php-fpm in "php setting -> php selector 2" and also "php setting -> php-fpm selector" I compil the php x.x.x
and go back to "webserver setting -> select webserver" check about the good php-fpm for apache and nginx (select the version on down) and select "only apache

click on save & rebuild, check if your website go back, if ok, use a terminal with a "top" command and go back to click on your website to make the user working, here you can see if the user use php-cgi or php-fpm

let's go back to nginx->varnish->apache->php-fpm (check again with "top" command and clicks on your website, if it's all right) you have the best config

if that help you, a thank is good, if you find something else or the "why", say it here

hope that help you

fafache, step 2 worked like a charm! Thanks.

Thanks. You save my day!

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