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Thanks, you too. :)

"If you're reporting a bug, that different."

My apologies. Yes I am reporting several bugs here, table for three? - ioncube8.0, uploadprogress, and imagick are not compiling right when selected... (Well uploadprogress is installed but is strangely throwing errors.)

I pay money for this software - I expect you do too. It is not too much to ask that it works as advertised. I know how to and do run LAMP stacks...


Now thank you Sir, that IS helpful:

"Just an FYI.  There is no loader for PHP 8, because ioncube has not made a loader for php8 as of yet.  Just checked the site myself, as I have a license.   When once becomes available, I'm sure CWP will include it."

But CWP should not include the option to install something that doesn't exist yet. If they didn't want to remove the option they could have added text to the line informing people it is not yet available.

Okay so PHP 8 is not ready for release in CWP yet, but software is - that happens, but it would have been simple to make that clear in the compiler settings. Or post it as a thread in the forums or in some sort of documentation... Oh, that's right CWP does not publish changelogs which would have told us this. Oh yeah... Bone of contention for a long time with CWP.

Sorry we got off on such the wrong foot. I will never understand why they created the ioncube.ini with a reference to something nonexistent then. If that were not generated I would likely have never ended up posting as I would have sought the wisdom you did and ran a simple search.

I digress, imagick and uploadprogress still need attention.

You take me for a fool Sir. I specified the path to the php-fpm PHP executable in:

sudo -u accountusername /opt/alt/php-fpm80/usr/bin/php ./command goes here

Why are you arguing with me over this? Can you not see the missing ioncube module that is getting called by ioncube.ini (/opt/alt/php-fpm80/usr/php/php.d/ioncube.ini) in my image? There is no "" (or either...) present in the folder. So naturally it's not showing up in phpinfo.php. What gives? I have over 40 years doing this...

Then there's a problem with uploadprogress and no imagick installation either. All of this is visible in my posts. You have asked me a question that was answered by the title of my post even! If you are a dev for the project I see why there are problems.

Is this plain enough for you? Here are the contents of the ioncube.ini file. Show me where that is (not) in the folder...


uploadprogress IS showing up in the phpinfo as version 1.1.3 but there is some mystery problem that has PHP throwing an error over it - maybe a misconfiguration somewhere. The file:


Seems OK. "" --> which should be right...
I don't know but it throws an error when I try to use the PHP CLI executable.

I just now noticed from my own phpinfo that "imagick" is not installed either and it is surely selected in the settings. Come on guys and gals...

I'm sorry I am just frustrated that the developers don't double-check their work is all. And this isn't the first time for ioncube loader not to be installed with a PHP recompile. I had it hose a CWP server because it didn't install ioncube for CWP.

And we aren't even talking about the missing uploadprogresss installation either.

Webserver Settings-> Webservers Domain Config

Is set to apache>php-fpm

PHP-FPM version: 8.0

This setting overrides the other setting you asked for...

rcschaff IT'S NOT THERE. Just like the original post says. It ( is not in the /usr/local/ioncube folder - older versions are but 8.0 is not. Posting a phpinfo.php is only going to show you that in that section of the page Ioncube is not loaded. 
 ...and the forums won't let me insert an image here, go look at:

See it is NOT THERE. It is installing the .ini but not the module - that's why the error came up it is trying to load a module that is not there...

PHP-FPM Selector (NEW)

Yes I did and it didn't install it. - That's the problem...

Failed loading /usr/local/ioncube/  /usr/local/ioncube/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
PHP Warning:  Missing arginfo for uploadprogress_get_info() in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning:  Missing arginfo for uploadprogress_get_contents() in Unknown on line 0

The ioncube loader is not even getting written to usr/local/ioncube/ --> it is missing

I am not sure why uploadprogress is not being compiled but it's not.

Can the developers please look into this, ioncube is a necessity for certain web applications like WHMCS and so on. (Oh and CWP 7!)

Oh a whim knowing it was not loading out of that directory for some reason, I went to Select WebServers> Save & Rebuild Configuration. I Left it set on Apache and hit rebuild. Problem solved. That is odd as I had rebuilt the WebServers earlier when I selected NAT'ed configuration...

As noted in my first remark, that is the location I changed the index.html in. I am not running Nginx or varnish and I restarted php-fpm and the page still won't change from the test page. What could I be doing wrong? This has never happened before.

I have in past just gone to, /usr/local/apache/htdocs and changed the index.html file there to something else, but now if you access the server's IP, you get a CWP test page regardless of what you put in there. So has the default location for the folder that is attached to the server IP been moved?

CentOS 7 Problems / Re: down breaking php compile
« on: January 31, 2021, 12:46:58 AM »
It's back online. They must have been having problems...

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