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E-Mail / Roundcube change password?
« on: October 04, 2019, 06:23:01 PM »
Are users able to change password using Roundcube web mail, or not?
Because every attempt to change password gives an error:
An error occurred (Could not save password.)

It was my mistake, i was trying to access secure page via my IP address instead of FQDN (https://123.456.123.456:2087 instead of Of course, SSL certificate is installed for FQDN, not for an IP address.

So, everything works well now :)

I've managed to successfully install Let's encrypt for my web server, and SSLshopper says that everything is okay, but unfortunately i'm still getting invalid certificate warning in web browsers when visiting CWP admin, Roundcube or user control panel pages... What can be wrong?

Installation / Re: Login loop prior to CWP update
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:34:10 AM »
I had same issue this morning. PHP-FPM installation did nothing except it made me a problem:

1) i've choose 7.2.12 version to compile and after that i've started to receive an email "CSF/LFD - Excessive Resource Usage - Process Time" every few minutes (My CWP is still showing that i'm using PHP 5.6.37 although i tried to install PHP 7.2 with PHP-FPM and PHP Selector as well, this options seems not working, not for me at least)
2) i've restarted apache via ssh - service httpd restart
3) my web sites stopped working
4) i've tried to login to CWP and it kept logging me out constantly
5) i've restarted CWP via sh restart_cwpsrv

and i've finally managed to log in into CWP

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