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I'm having a problem with one of my CWP servers.

It seems that everytime the ssl certificate of the server expires, it doesn't get renewed automatically or it doesn't get renewed at all.

When this happens all the websites hosted in the server go down until the ssl certificate of the server gets renewed.

The only way to make the server work again is to ssh the server as root and run /scripts/generate_hostname_ssl

I have tried changing the name of the server in Server Settings -> Change Hostname but then after 3 months the server goes down again until I run /scripts/generate_hostname_ssl

I have a Pro server and have contacted support a few months ago. They said: "We have activated the Auto-Renew option for Hostname and other SSL Certificates on server."

That didn't fix the problem and it happened again!

I appreciate any help I could get in solving this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Other / BING killing my server
« on: June 04, 2019, 03:51:39 AM »
Is there a way to prevent search engine crawlers such as BING to kill my server?
It has happened twice this week.
It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but when BING crawls one on my sites, the load average of the server goes to the roof. It is the same as having a denial of service attack as it crawls hundreds of pages at the same time.
Then the server goes back to normal but the bind service doesn't recover and remains down.
I have to connect to the server and start bind (named) manually.
I will install monit in the server to solve this problem but the crawler error will persist.
Any ideas in how to deal with it?
Thanks in advance.

Apache / Re: Installing Brotli Module in Apache
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:28:49 AM »
In fact, if you want to get a speed improvement, you might consider dropping your gzip compression ratio from the default level of 6 down to 2. It sounds crazy because you're not compressing as low and therefore sending more data over the network, however the response time between gzip-6 and gzip-2 is almost halved.
How can I do that?
In my site (Wordpress) I use W3 Total Cache to enable gzip. Any idea how I can lower it to level 2? Actually, I didn't even know there were compression levels at all...

Thanks for your great reply.

But even with gzip using mod_deflate, I'll still have the same problem I'm asking a solution for.
Everytime Apache gets recompiled I will have to uncomment

# LoadModule deflate_module modules/

Is there a way I can have an httpd.conf template?

Apache / Installing Brotli Module in Apache
« on: May 01, 2019, 12:11:37 AM »
I was able to successfully install the Brotli module in Apache.

Now I would like to find out to make these changes permanent. I'm just worried that in the next update all my changes will disappear and I might have to edit files all over again.

I tried to look in the documentation but I could only find information on Vhosts templates, which is ok for part of the changes but not for all the changes.

For example, when compiling I would like to add the flag "--enable-brotli" permanently and in the file /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf I would like to have the following lines uncommented:

LoadModule deflate_module modules/
LoadModule brotli_module modules/

Is there a way of doing this so the changes are permanent even when recompiling new versions of Apache?

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Apache Re-Build Not Working
« on: May 01, 2019, 12:00:40 AM »
Hi, this is not a question but a problem that took me hours to figure out. I found the cause of the problem and I have decided to post it here in case someone gets stuck with the same problem.

When I was trying to rebuild apache (2.4.39) in Centos 7, the whole process went through and it seemed like there were no errors. But after finishing rebuilding, the Apache server wouldn't start. Then a AI robot would fix it for me. (I guess the AI robot was simply doing a "yum remove cwp-httpd" and then doing a "yum install cwp-httpd")

This happened a few times until I discovered the server was missing a library: libuuid-devel

If installing the library (yum install libuuid-devel) everything worked fine.

Just wanted to put it out there in case somebody gets stuck trying to rebuild apache.

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