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Apache / Re: Run Node js with CWP
« on: June 02, 2020, 03:21:15 PM »
I am getting the same error. please note I open a port for 8181 as I used, still problem is exist. can any one help?

CentOS 7 Problems / Re: Max upload is not working in php.ini
« on: February 16, 2020, 09:16:28 PM »
Try using the Search, from the Menu:

I red this post before posting my this problem, it was not help me at all. I followed all steps but php.ini is not working like new input.

CentOS 7 Problems / Max upload is not working in php.ini
« on: February 15, 2020, 08:56:31 PM »
I need to upload a fine of 300M file in domain using web file manager. but is not supporting to upload any file more than 50M. It is also not showing any error on time of uploading file of 300M, just it is showing file uploaded within a second but file is not uploading.

Please note that I set "upload_max_filesize = 500M" in php.ini file, still it is not working.

cwp -7
PHP version: 7.3.13

As well as FTP is not connecting anymore.

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