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Installation / Re: Google Compute Engine Clear Instruction Please
« on: April 06, 2015, 03:49:29 AM »
Well i had to change it back because the process was not working for me.
Anyway can you give me those answeres?

Installation / Google Compute Engine Clear Instruction Please
« on: April 04, 2015, 06:30:18 PM »
Hello CWP Forum member.

I would like to ask some questions to the community. Hope someone can resolve my issues.

I have installed CWP on google compute engine successfully.

Goolgle Compute Engine is like Amazon EC2 servers. Where you can create your own virtual instance.

Now I have created Cent OS 6 Instance and then installed CWP in that instance.

Now there are two kinds of IP addresses. One is Internal and other is External.

Using external IP I can access the CWP.

Here is my IP

Now what I want to do is described below in few steps.

1. I have registered my domain name with godaddy which is
2. I have one IP which I got from Google Compute Engine.
3. Default NameServer in godaddy is
4. Now I want to transfer my website into google compute engine which has CWP installed

Here is the steps that I have performed

1. I changed the @ entry of in godaddy to (Now, redirects to HTTP Test Page powered by CWP :) )
2. I created an account in CWP with the domain name
3. Then I created blank html file in that account

Now, when I try to access it still redirects to HTTP Test Page powered by CWP  :(

So, my first question is

1. How to redirect to its own folder
2. If I have to change the name server in main account then what should I do with those fields?
    Do I have to change to something else? (like to my godaddy's default name server?)
     Which IP should I use? ( ?)
3. What should be the shared IP in my CWP?
     Right now it is
4. If I have to change NameServer to something like and then I need to host the same domain with CWP. So, what extra steps do I have to perform for that?

Hope Someone can answer these questions.

Thanks in advance.

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