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I am new to CWP. I just got a VPS server ready today running CentOS 7. After installing CWP and logging to CWP as root, I saw this:

Do you want to install php-fpm?
(optional but highly recommended) PHP-FPM gives you the advantage to run PHP via php-fpm sockets with the highest performances!
You will still have the current setup like before but this will allow you to have an increase in performance.

* This step is NOT required and you can skip it or install PHP-FPM later.

I chose to install but I got stuck at the 2/4 step. Basically it says I must rebuild the server. So I did with the last option on the list: Nginx & Varnish & Apache

I selected 7.3 for both Default Apache PHP-FPM version and Default Nginx PHP-FPM version and ticked "Force Apache to use PHP-FPM". Sever hours have passed, looks like the process gets stuck or something, it will not let me proceed to 3/4 and 4/4 of the WebServers Configuration. And I cannot do anything else - Please help!

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