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Apache / add DELETE option to apache
« on: August 05, 2019, 03:28:24 PM »
Hi, one of my clients asked me to add "DELETE" method for apache petitions. Is that possible ? I think that could be done by editing the httpd.conf but I dont want to break anything.

Is there any easy way to add that to apache?


CentOS 7 Problems / Re: Cant receive emails
« on: June 11, 2019, 05:27:46 PM »
Solved, it was a firewall rule that was droping connections to port 25. (by default they block port 25). I raised a ticket with them and they enabled port 25.

now mails work like a charm.

Thanks :)

CentOS 7 Problems / Re: Cant receive emails
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:45:12 PM »
No, I cant telnet... I get timeout... so almost sure there is the problem..

My question now is.. how can it be blocked? I only enabled CSF in the default configuration. can that be causing the issue? Should I enable port 25 in the CentOS web panel configuration?

PS: I tried disabling CSF and I still get "timeout" when trying to "telnet IP 25"


CentOS 7 Problems / Re: MX Record
« on: June 08, 2019, 02:34:12 PM »
Hi, Some basic questions..

1) Are the domain NS pointed to your CWP server?
2) Did you add the A records pointing to the IPS for each NameServer?

If you provide me with your domain name I can run some basic tests to show you were the issue resides.


CentOS 7 Problems / Cant receive emails
« on: June 07, 2019, 10:55:24 PM »
Hi Guys! how are you? My first post Here :)

I am surprised of how easy was to setup everything on CentOS web panel. I deployed a VM and in 5 minutes I got almost everything Up and running.. Still amazed with that.

The only issue that I encountered so far is that I cant RECEIVE emails. I created an email account, mails are perfectly going out, but if I reply or send an email to that same account I never receive it..

DNS are pointing to the server
MX are correctly setup
AntiSpam is disabled
mailqueue is empty
Tried rebuilding mailserver configuration
I have SPF enabled
I have DKIM Enabled.
Emails are perfectly going out with roundcube...

domain:  (Issue is with incomming emails..)

Any idea on that will be helpfull..


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