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E-Mail / Re: or postfix or control web panel
« on: November 14, 2022, 05:10:06 PM »
After experiencing the same issue, I was able to rebuild the server with the AntiSpam/AntiVirus option checked so long as I manually disabled in the postfix

smtpd_sender_restrictions = ... remove reject_rbl_client

This is due to a change in how Spamhaus provides this service. They now use Spamhaus DQS. See this for reference: You have to sign up for the free service and change your postfix configuration to use a custom endpoint for reject_rbl_client. There are some additional lookup services that they provide as well that can be added to the postfix configuration. Everything works as expected after updating using their instructions and the use of the Spamhaus service is restored.

I reached out to CWP tech support about it and they are aware of the issue

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