Author Topic: Restore account from cpanel to cwp: ok / but from cwp to cwp: problems ????  (Read 3549 times)

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I have just put my cwp server into production under a pro license
the restoration of cpanel cuts to cwp is going very well and my server is functional.
My concern is that as a precautionary measure I tested the backup by automatic account to a remote server in SSH, that also worked, the backup file created on the remote server.
The problem is when I restore the account the result ends without any error, but when I access the account that I restored I encountered several problems:
the user interface password is incorrect:
I must change it manually to access
the list of email accounts is empty
the empty database list
DNS zone empty
on the other hand I can see in the / var / vmail folder that the accounts exist

So I was really disappointed, according to my research on the forum I see that there are several people that there are many problems concerning the restoration
I can not understand how it is that the restoration then cpanel to cwp works in a single click, and from a cwp account to cwp we find ourselves in front of a lot of problems and people have a hard time with ???
I hope that the cwp teams will solve this problem as soon as possible


We are sorry for the inconvenience :-\

Can you please tell us if the ssh backup you made is incremental or compressed? It is for the Development Team to test based on your case.


I apologize for answering late
thank you for your reply
my backup was complete and compress