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Phpmyadmin does not export databases
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:32:58 PM »

When I try to export a database using PhpMydmin I do get 2 odd errors:

The first is a warning telling this:

"Warning: a form on this page has more than 1000 fields. On submission, some of the fields might be ignored, due to PHP's max_input_vars configuration."

This warning message is shown after clicking the export button on a database, I tried to change the max_input_vars configuration in all php.ini files I found in the server, I settled it to a very high amount, 24000, and nothing changed (while in general I never see this warning when looking at tables or using PHP scripts querying the databases)

The second problem is a severe error as it prevents me to complete the export of the database.
When I end settling the export parameter and click the go button I get this warning error stopping the procedure:

Notice in ./libraries/classes/Controllers/ExportController.php#263
Undefined index: output_format


Routing.php#187: PhpMyAdmin\Controllers\ExportController->index(array)
index.php#18: PhpMyAdmin\Routing::callControllerForRoute(
string '/export',

It is bugging me from months, over half a year, I tried more times to search some solution about and still I cannot find any useful information to fix this.

I know I can export the databases with mysqldump and/or other tools, however I want to have it fixed so PhpMyadmin can be conveniently used also for backups.

Does anybody know what to check and how to fix this?

Any help is welcome
Thank you

Thank you

Re: Phpmyadmin does not export databases
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2023, 07:31:26 AM »

You need to go to your and uncomment max_input_vars  and increase value to 5000, and restart your apache2 server, it worked for me.