Author Topic: SSL certificate for Account created at Reseller Level not working  (Read 162 times)

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I installed an AutoSSL for a domain at an account created with the Reseller functionality.
When I go to the domain url the lock does not appear and it says it's insecure.
The domain is showing an SSL installed correctly and  if I check it with an external checker
it gives that an SSL is installed on that domain.  I tried to use a Redirect to but
did not work either. Worse, now the page is giving error: 'too many redirects' even though I already
removed the Redirect. The page should be the default CWP page. I created another page index2.html
and this one does show a lock and active certificate. So apparently something is wrong with the default CWP
page at the https://index.html. I am thinking of removing the account and setting it up again.
All other SSL certificates for the main account domain (reseller account) work fine.
Any suggestions?
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