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Imap Folders
« on: April 03, 2023, 12:33:55 PM »
Created IMAP folders under OUTLOOK or MOBILE or Thunderbird are not shown in CWP at WEBMAIL.
Created IMAP folders at WEBMAIL are not synch Automatically on OUTLOOK

Any Idea?

Re: Imap Folders
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2023, 02:03:52 PM »
Did you confirm that they don't actually exist on the server, or just not subscribed in your IMAP client?
Do you want them to be created for all users on the server, or is this a one-off for one user?

Re: Imap Folders
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2023, 10:30:28 AM »
I checked the files directly inside the Mail Account. no Folder created.
When i create folder on RoundCube, it also not subscribed by Outlook. Folders seen on IMAP FOLDER LIST at outlook to subscribe, and  it looks subscribed, but not shown.

I directly create a new mail account on different user and I create folder in Webmail, it is same. folders are not seen.
So then I create a folder in outlook but no folder seen at webmail.

I checked DEVOCAT FILE. it looks permission problem from CWP structure

Apr 03 09:40:42 lmtp(info@*****: Error: cFhiG/qCKmSRaAAACLQAOA: sieve: binary save: failed to create temporary file: open(/var/sieve/globalfilter.svbin.) failed: Permission denied (euid=1007(ivrenwyo) egid=12(mail) missing +w perm: /var/sieve, dir owned by 101:12 mode=0755)

some permission logs similar on devocat log files. I'm communication on ticket with CWP customer support to figure out problem.
If any way to fix i will get from CWP, i will share here.

But if anyone know what is the problem or fixing way, I would appreciate to see

Re: Imap Folders
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2023, 12:37:31 PM »
I just got new results.

1- When Folders are created on Fresh OUTLOOK IMAP account, Folders create same at Roundcube
2- When Copy/move any folder from another Mail account or local PST into fresh installed Outlook IMAP account, Account going crash and cannot make any Folder or Sync anymore.
3- I moved one of my client account with 5gb emailbox from CPanel to CWP. I download it first into my THUNDERBIRD account to prepare transfer. when mailbox downloaded fully, I start to move/copy all folders into new account from local. When i checked mailbox at Roundcube it was clearly completed. When i changed his PASSPORT and SERVER connection, all folders gone from Roundcube.

If i do process again from clearly setup, when Client copy or move the folder inside outlook, this error will stay always there and it will stop to sync outlook and they will never see updated folders/mails on other devices.

this is very big issue only occurs with CWP. Same way I did and works with CPANEL or PLESK I tested. Something not compatible with CWP&OUTLOOK I used Outlook 2013,2016,2019 and result is same