Author Topic: When using PHP Version Switcher all modified settings are lost, how to keep?  (Read 10238 times)

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I spend some good time to get my php settings to my requirements.
After using the PHP Version Switcher to use a different php version I noticed all my settings are back to 'default',  :(
Even the settings in the: Simple PHP.ini editor are 'reset' to default...

Is there a setting or trick to recompile but keep my modified settings or extend the Simple PHP.ini editor and make sure this one is not reset?


For the simple php.ini you could use chattr.

Write protecting a file using chattr command

Let say you want to write protect the file called data.txt so that no other users can change it including root user, enter (you must login as the root user to use chattr command):
# chattr +i data.txt

To remove i attribute, enter:
# chattr -i data.txt

I'm new to CWP but it would be nice to have custom conf and ini files that survive updates and version switches.
Hobby home server with CentOS 7 + CWP (NAT-ed Mod enabled).


Thank you, I was hoping I had overlooked a setting somewhere so it bahave like cPanel, but it  seems not, like you suggested chattr  is the  only option then so far, I really hope they make it like cPanel.

Thanks for your time to respond.