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Redirect Domain using CNAME outside of CWP Instance
« on: April 14, 2021, 11:50:09 AM »
Good afternoon all,

I currently have CWP setup with Apache.

I have tried tinkering with the conf.d files (Including the SSL config file), however, I have had no luck.

Essentially, I have a CWP User with domain, with a website setup and working great, no issues.

I want to point another domain, let's say: to using CNAME.

The reason for this is that I have a URL shortening script which allows for custom domains to be linked to the script.

I have tried adjusting/editing the conf.d files for to try and allow (and other domains pointed to When I point to using CNAME and load in a browser, it shows the "HTTP Test Page" from CWP, and it does NOT show the content on

I have tried tinkering around, including copying the conf.d configuration as suggested by the developer of the script, however, I feel there is a misconfiguration somewhere with CWP and/or Apache, since it is wanting to handle the domain,, as if it were a new domain pending to be linked to a CWP user account.

The virtual host recommended by the script developer is as it comes below - FYI, I have attempted to configure both conf.d files, including the SSL conf file, to no avail. Not sure where I'm going wrong in this particular instance, or if there are additional files I need to edit in order to allow to CNAME

(IP Changed for privacy)
Code: [Select]
        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
        DocumentRoot /home/kutitnet/public_html

        <Directory "/home/examplecom/public_html">
            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
            AllowOverride All
            Require all granted

CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ bytes
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ combined
ErrorLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/

        <IfModule mod_dir.c>
            DirectoryIndex index.php index.cgi index.html index.xhtml index.htm


I also did the same for the SSL Config file, adding the required SSL certificates.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, when I visit, it takes me to the HTTP Test Page instead of the content hosted on I DO NOT want to have to add to the CWP user panel, and I don't want to have to manually add the domain into any config files if I don't have to, as I have clients who I want to be able to point their domains to and allow the script to accept/reject traffic according to how their account is setup on the PHP script hosted on

To clarify, everything works great when visiting Somewhere within CWP is preventing from using as a CNAME, and it CWP wants to handle it as if it were an add-on domain.
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