Author Topic: How to backup CWP server to B2 Backblaze  (Read 7050 times)

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How to backup CWP server to B2 Backblaze
« on: November 03, 2016, 03:36:35 PM »
How to backup CWP to B2 Backblaze

I wrote a long article/guide on how to completely backup your server (CWP, files, Mysql databases, everything), compress it, encrypt it, and then upload it to B2 Backblaze (Which is WAY Cheaper than Amazon S3)

You can read it here,

I hope you guys will enjoy the guide and find it useful. Perhaps the CWP admin team can take the guide and make a simple addon to the CWP panel do automate the process. Would be nice wouldn't it? :D
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Re: How to backup CWP server to B2 Backblaze
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All you have to do after restoring a CWP server with your B2 Backblaze is update the IP address in CWP and rebuild the vHosts in apache  :D, if you have varnish need to edit the default.vcl with the correct IP then restart varnish. If you have letencrypt, be sure to modify the cwp ssl vhost and apache ssl vhosts with the new IP address.