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Hello, let's hope someone can help me here. :) Anyway, I've got a Cent OS 6 server running, and I've attempted to install the CWP Web Panel with some success. Here are some issues:

  • Apparently I'm supposed to set a hostname on my Server, anyone got any guidance?
  • I need to use this hostname to create my nameservers for my webpanel, is this correct / any guidance?
  • I've got plenty of domains, just unsure on how I can do this - I've spent days trying to set this all up and haven't found any good tutorials as they are either too brief or just use a virtual machine IP

Help much appreciated  ;)

hostname you need to set from cwp and for nameservers you have info on the wiki

its also simple for set from cwp
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Yes, setting the nameservers is easy, but what should I set it TO?  The default in my config is
Code: [Select], which matches what's in, but are they the RIGHT values?  If I'm hosting domains then presumably I need to point to DNS servers that I can update, so can I update these?