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Different DNS Templates
« on: July 30, 2018, 03:53:25 PM »

Is it possible to have various DNS Templates and be able to apply them on different domains?

For example, for some domains I'd like to have a template that points to Google MX Records and for other domains I'd like to have a template that points to Zoho MX Records. This way, the web site will be on CWP but the mail will be on different server(s).

This is easy to implement in VESTA but I'd like to know if I could do that with CWP. VESTA has some other issues and I'm checking CWP's features to see if I can use it as an alternative to VESTA. DNS Templates is one of the features I need.
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Re: Different DNS Templates
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it has a global template, but you can modify it according to your need...but you will not be able to have a few different templates unless you make some custom tool for that.
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