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[Tutorial] Postfix statistics via pflogsumm on Centos Web Panel
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:25:53 PM »
Pflogsumm is a log analyzer/summarizer for the Postfix MTA.  It is
designed to provide an over-view of Postfix activity, with just enough
detail to give the administrator a "heads up" for potential trouble

Pflogsumm generates summaries and, in some cases, detailed reports of
mail server traffic volumes, rejected and bounced email, and server
warnings, errors and panics.

A quick guide how to install in our Centos Web Panel  server

We install postfix-perl-scripts package.
# yum -y install postfix-perl-scripts

# We make a new report  for yesterday
# perl /usr/sbin/pflogsumm -d yesterday /var/log/maillog

# Via crontab we can generate log summary and send via mail to root for yesterday
# crontab -e
# send mail log summary at AM 1:00 everyday to root
00 05 * * * perl /usr/sbin/pflogsumm -e -d yesterday /var/log/maillog | mail -s 'Postfix stats fro srv `hostname`' root

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