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Subdomains can't use dashes
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:11:27 PM »
I'm using CentOS 6 (64-bit) and am using lastest version CentOS Web Panel.
I want to create forums in subdomains by language, eg: forum-english, forum-chinese, forum-vietnamese,...
However, when I use dashes, I get the error message: "Incorrect format, remember that you can not have special characters". So, I can not create subdomains that contain dashes!
It's not like cPanel, and this rule is a bit flawed. So, I want to give some suggestions for updates in the next release as follows:
1. Edit the subdomain rule: Allow the use of dashes, however, subdomains will become invalid if the dash is at the bottom of the subdomain. Example: forum-english-, home-page -,...
2. Update Apache to the latest version: The latest version is 2.4.37, the current version is 2.4.34.
3. Edit package list display settings: Currently only disk space if set to "0" will be "Unlimited". However, in the new update, I hope to integrate if set to "0" then would be "Unlimited" for bandwidth! Also, in the user control panel, in addition to "DISK SPACE USAGE" there should be "BANDWIDTH USAGE" and instead of displaying "INF%" and "0 MB" (both admin panel and user panel) will display to "Unlimited", it will look better!
4. Move the addon "eXtplorer File Manager" to the admin panel: If you install the addon at the admin panel, then everyone can use it without having to install separately according to each user panel. Will save more resources.
5. Currently only the user panel has the favicon of CentOS Web Panel, I hope the admin panel will soon have it! And I think the CentOS Web Panel's favicon instead of the background is white, so being transparent is more reasonable!
I really hope in the new update! :)
Thank you and have a good day. :D