Author Topic: Can you give me 3 hosting companies that accept Paypal as payment?  (Read 2014 times)

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I don't own (yet) a credit card and I want to register a website and host it somewhere. I have a Paypal account (with NO credit card linked to it). It is a verified account.

I live outside the US.

If I try a Paypal payment with let's say 'GoDaddy', they do ask that my paypal account be linked to a credit card (or to an US debit card).

So I need at least 3 good companies that can register my domains and/or host them and will accept a payment like Paypal (paypal transfer). I need some good solutions.

Re: Can you give me 3 hosting companies that accept Paypal as payment?
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You question has nothing to do with the CWP bug. You are offtopic!

All hosting companies accept Paypal.

Paypal can't be verified without a credit/debit card or for US citizens with a bank account. It's mean you can't use that paypal until you have at least one credit/debit card linked or for US bank account linked.

Insted of dumb PayPal try Skrill. If you can get/buy PaySafeCard (let's say in your local store) then you can deposit money to Skrill account with PaySafeCard coupons. Then just use Skrill to make payment for hosting services.
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