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No Apache edit VHost Section
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:34:44 PM »
Hi in CWP7 i wasnt able to find the section where i can edit all vhosts manually.  In the Left Menu Apache Settings is missing and also ofcourse  Apache Settings > Edit Apache vHosts

I found WebServer Settings -> WebServers Domain Conf.

in there i found a vhost enable for the account, but i think is not working as im always reaching de Default_page for all domains, not the content on /home/User/public_html

I also try everything in here

With no luck at all, im moving a hole server from Cpanel to CWP7 , i want to buy pro , but first i have to make it work XD jaja.

Wich VHosts i have to edit to make this works? pls help! , Im on Linode.

Re: No Apache edit VHost Section
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 07:37:31 PM »
 :P I just found that the problem was to select Nginx & Apache as webservers. thanks