Author Topic: DocumentRoot fail if I use Generate AutoSSL option during subdomain creation  (Read 913 times)

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I use Apache + PHP-FPM with CWP
If user creates a Subdomain and He use "Generate AutoSSL" function too, His subdomain documentroot will be not right becouse "/home/username/" left out. The right would be this: "/home/username/public_html/subdomainname/" path. Instead, it is just this: "/public_html/subdomainname/" in Apache virtualhost file. In this mode, the user's website is unavailable.
If user do not use "Generate AutoSSL" option, all ok. Then the subdomain is okay.
I think, this is a CWP software bug.
Have others ever met with this case?

I get confused with this, other control panels I use put additonal domains for each user account outside public html...


Are you talking subdomains or addon domain?

Can't subdomain use primary domain ssl?

Otherwise perhaps you need to setup as addon domain...I do it that way in virtualmin and can then use independent ssl for each. I don't have much success doing this in cwp...hence My using Virtualmin instead for more complicated hosting needs.

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