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Hi, to all CWP (Centos Web Panel) user,

this is the first time i write on this forum and i want to congratulate to all CWP (Centos Web Panel) developers for the excellent work they have done so far and i add that i already have two CWP PRO licenses and i really recommend everyone to upgrade to CWP PRO, it's really worth it !

I have already read and followed this official CWP (Centos Web Panel) guide but failing to get Remote MySQL with SOCAT socket working (i hope that in the future the Admin of CWP (Centos Web Panel) can improve this guide with more detailed steps).

Having said that, i ask you if it is possible to have two servers or two VPS on both of which CWP (Centos Web Panel) is installed and use one of these as a dedicated server or VPS  only remote MySQL / MariaDB database, following diagram:

- Server or VPS N 1 >>> CWP (Centos Web Panel) installed >>> Used for everything except for MySQL / MariaDB database;

- Server or VPS N 2 >>> CWP (Centos Web Panel) installed >>> Used only for remote MySQL / MariaDB database;

For this scheme above you can also use the "Remote MySQL with SOCAT socket" ( method or not?

This diagram above is feasible with CWP (Centos Web Panel) or not?

What advantages would there be using this scheme above?

What disadvantages there would be using this scheme above?

:-) Thanks in advance to all those who will offer advice or support.
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