Author Topic: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Google Authenticator for CWP and CWP PRO !  (Read 17106 times)

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How I will enable 2FA for admin ( root)?

I too am interested in a 2FA option for admin. I realize it is available for the user panel. A bit surprised not for the admin, which I would have lot to be a higher priority.

Thanks for all you do, I am very new to the CWP world, but really appreciating what I see so far.

Is this still not possible for the CWP admin panel?

If you truely want to secure your CWP Admin interface, do the following.

Setup DDNS somewhere (No-ip is a good free version)

edit /etc/csf/csf.dyndns   and add your ddns hostname there
edit /etc/csf/csf.conf
find DYNDNS   set it to a value of 600 (10 minutes)  DYNDNS="600";
find DYNDNS_IGNORE = "0"  and change it to 1

On TCP_IN and TCP6_IN, remove port 2086,2087,2030,2031.

then restart csf.  csf -r

You can still login to CWP as long as your match your dyndns, as it allows you through the firewall on all ports.
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