Author Topic: moved sites to new hardware now users can't log in to their CWP control panels.  (Read 1571 times)

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I fresh installed cwp on new hardware, created users, created databases and imported from the original, and moved all files to the new hardware.
Root login to cwp works fine, sites are serving fine, but users are getting a 404 error when they try to login to the cwp user panel

the url in the browser changes to this after they enter their user name and password:,%22posts%22:%22//cwp_523b9e5ad7e97495//roberth//%22%7D
(I hid my actual domain)

and the page shows:
404 Not Found

Any suggestions on how to fix??

I've already ran the rebuild user conf script, the generate hostname ssl script, and rebooted the server.
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There's an issue reported with last CWP updates (840-842). It might be due to that.

in terminal sh /scripts/cwp_update was my solution :) it takes 5 minutes, be patient.