Author Topic: Bug in Crontab and CWP Backup  (Read 847 times)

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Bug in Crontab and CWP Backup
« on: September 27, 2019, 05:46:27 AM »
I am running two CWP Pro servers and both have these 2 issues below

Issue 1
If the user set cron, first time it will work then later on it will disappear and give this error

"Your tasks can not be executed until you solve the error that is presented "

I have also attached a link with a snapshot of the error

Issue 2

From the admin panel I have backup enabled also /backup is mounted and everything is great
If the user try to generate a backup it will say its generated however nothing will be shown to download regardless how many backup attempts he will try

I really hope these 2 bugs get fixed as CWP is a great panel and really light and fast, very few bugs can be fixed and it would be our home for the next years to come