Author Topic: You don't have permission to access /cwp_f9d4b00ceb73a418/tws/fileManager2.php  (Read 964 times)

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Hi, just this morning I noticed that file manager in the user dashboard won't let me save files. and the file permissions are all changed.

I did the fix permissions but it didn't do anything.

You don't have permission to access /cwp_f9d4b00ceb73a418/tws/fileManager2.php on this server.  after trying to save a file.

Name                   Perm   Owner   Group   Size            Date           Type   
breadcrumbs.twig   0644    1000   1000            977 bytes   22/04/20 03:07   .twig

I guess this is why.

i tried chown -r tws:tws /home/tws/public_html  but it didn't fix the issue either.

anyone know why or how I can fix this.

In the root file manager, it is showing correct everywhere.

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

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is file lock is enabled ?

is file lock is enabled ?

No file lock is off I never use it. I have reinstalled CWP but the same thing keeps happening after a short time. of having the server online.

now Phpmyadmin says when you go to it from user control panel: about:blank#blocked

could the DSO handler be causing this? I am not sure if it's installed. but running apache PHP 7.3-forced fpm.

I also just noticed this in the disk details: tmpfs  /run/user/1000  then same number of the owner of the files
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The weirdest thing today it is back to the way it is supposed to be maybe it did an update and fixed itself.

I will see if it does it again.

Thanks anyway.