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Multiple errors
« on: May 14, 2020, 07:49:18 AM »
Good Morning.

I wrote to the Centos Web Panel support and they respond with a arrogance that I sincerely consider changing the control panel, I've got Centos Web Panel Pro but I'm tired because this control panel has 3 serious problems and maybe someone who can help me.

1) I changed all the settings of all the php.ini corresponding to the default version and each version (I have a pro license) and always when a file is being uploaded, when it reaches 100MB the transfer is stoped and I can't transfer files. There is nothing to indicate that it stops at 100MB, nor does the time limit elapse.

2) When I create a hosting plans from the root user, I assign a space to each plan. When I create the hosting account, no plan has an allocated space and it appears as if each hosting account is empty (but the files exist) and no space limit works with this failure. This error has always existed since I acquired the pro license and no one ever solved it.

3) I can't find a way to make the server work faster, the same VPS and with half the RAM it works faster with cPanel than with Centos Web Panel, there is no logic. I made the comparison having both activated simultaneously and with the same number of hosting accounts. It's a shame that cPanel has been so expensive for not too long.

Maybe can help help me or maybe I can help to another person, but I'm tired, when I comment on the errors of this control panel, it seems that the support gets angry. If I programmed something wrong and someone warned me, I would try to fix it.

At first I never wrote criticizing, I just wrote pleading to fix those flaws but they never did. Automatic import from cPanel also never worked correctly.

Best regards,
Horacio Adolfo Aulicino.

Re: Multiple errors
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2020, 08:01:59 AM »
I have one thing to say for myself.

The CWP team is responding very well to the errors we are reporting.
They have already fixed several that we have reported to them and we continue to report errors and they continue to fix them.

Maybe we just need to have a little patience, I think the CWP team can't take it anymore, I still think what I put in once, they need to raise the cost of the licenses to help hire someone else. I don't know how many licenses they have, but even if they raise 0.50$ it would be a good income for them and very little cost for us.

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