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I have an old server that was running cPanel and had a lot of issues trying to do a cPanel migration.  After seeing others having the same issue which was
getting a connection error, I went the cPanel account restore route, which I was able to create the backups and import the two users OK.

It created the users, sql databases and it looks like the folder structure exists OK. I made the dns changes on cloudflare to point to the new IP address and
all I get is the default HTTP Test Page.

The knowledgebases are weak and I could use some help before my old server gets cut off.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or advise.


Support really depends on your setup.

Nginx configs are under /etc/nginx/conf.d/vhosts/(Domain)(?.ssl).conf

Apache configs are under /usr/local/apache/conf.d/vhosts/(Domain)(?.ssl).conf

If there are no domain files under those directories, then you need CWP Admin -> Webservers Main Config

at the bottom check rebuild all vhosts on save, and click save
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Hello, thanks for responding so quickly.  I did rebuild the hosts, same issue.  Now I did look at that file /usr / local/ apache /conf.d /vhosts / and
did see a full page of text there but still does not show any difference.

Now one thing I do know I will need to go the the cwppro model is to support php-fpm instead of php-cgi which is how it is set now.  But it appears that
there is still something happening with the virtual hosts.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

do a little experiment.

Use google chrome, and add the extension "Host Switch Plus"

Add the domain with the direct IP of the server (Instead of through CF).  If the vhosts load direct, there may be an issue with CF.

If your not comfortable with this step, PM me with one of the domains and the server IP, and I'll have a look.
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