Author Topic: Deleted IIS and CWP picked the domain back up ever though it wasn't told to?  (Read 3459 times)

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First Post! Not sure if this is the right place?

I got a bit of a strange problem, I had it working about 2 months ago but ended up deleting it and now I want to start using it again.

I have CWP - CentOS WebPanel installed in a hyper-v with all my domains in it and ionos pointing the domains to my public IP.

I also have IIS 10 installed on the local server which is to be used with 1 of my domains.

When I done it the first time I removed the domain from CWP and turned the system off for 24/48 hours for the DNS to clear its records when the domain was picked up by IIS I started CWP and the domain stayed with IIS, when I deleted IIS, CWP has some how picked the domain back up as I get a CWP HTTP Test Page.

I have now wanted to use the project again, I set everything back up in IIS and it all working fine but when I come round to linking it to the domain my page wont show on port 80, if I change the binding port to 8080 my page comes up but other people need to access the page from outside my network so I need it on port 80 and 443.

Has anyone else had the same problem or know a way to fix it, I have been through everything and cant understand where it is picking this test page up from?

I also tried a different domain that isn't linked to my public IP and when I link it the CWP Test page comes straight up.

Let me know if something doesn't make sense!

Many Thanks