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NAT IP (Amazon) issues
« on: September 21, 2020, 05:42:30 PM »

I built a new instance in Amazon and installed CWP PRO.
For some reason, the fresh installation take the "private" IP of Amazon as "Default Server IP" (NOT as shared IP that i have the correct one.

So, the configuration is :

NS1: | IP: (the public IP and is correct)
NS2: | IP: 
Server IP: | (the private IP and is NOT correct)
Shared IP: (correct)

The hostname is correctly set pointing to the same shared IP and resolves OK.
The nameservers too.

Each time I login i get this error :

WARNING! Possible NAT networking detected, Please check the following settings.

Then, i go to that link --> "CWP Settings" --> "Edit settings"
And i get :

hared IP:
Shared IP :
Apache port: 8181  (is set with Nginx, but i tried also using only apache and the same happens)
Admin Email:
NAT Local IP: NOTHING (and the dropdown menu not show anything)
when using private network you need to have private IP in the config files

DISABLED Activate NAT-ed Network Configuration (---> i canīt check this and i canīt do anything here)

The real issue (and i think is all for this NAT configuration) is that I have 2 sites hosted for now, and both sites show the default index.html page and not the correct content.

I checked the Apache conf of each domain, the path is perfect, the IP is perfect, all is perfect, but still opening the defalut page.


1 - someboy can help me to re configure the NAT settings to put the private Amazon IP as NAT and the default server IP and shared IP with the same?
2 - the default index.html will be fixed with the nat configuration? or i need to change anything?

Iīm with this issue since more of 3 days ago, searching in google and many places, (i have knowledge with Centos, and linux commands)


I not want to reinstall everything again.. that wil be only solution??

Thanks for any help

Re: NAT IP (Amazon) issues
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2020, 08:41:46 AM »
You need to be sure that each ip you entered there is correct or else you will have issues.

Also you have a support services on the cwp website.
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