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Lost access to CWPpro after a server restart
« on: September 25, 2020, 04:22:06 AM »

I've opened a ticket on this already and will update this thread with more information. I logged into CWP web panel and was greeted by this:

  • Got a copy pasta response that told me to wait 24 hours after ordering, which isn't the problem I'm facing, replied and waiting for another response.
  • It seems like this might be a visual bug or something is triggering the warning for no reason? I seem to still have access to CWPpro features despite the warning popping up on every page

Text in case someone's googling this, there's literally only one other thread about this but that user's entire panel is acting up.

CWPpro expired/disabled, this will also disable all your CWPpro services.

Everything else is working perfectly fine, I haven't changed my default SSH ports but I don't think that'd be causing it.

I ordered CWPpro and used the "sh /scripts/update_cwp" command to force and update to enable CWPpro, but after a recent restart due to Vultr's London datacenter maintenance, this warning starting showing up. My IP address is the exact same.
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