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Too many system updates
« on: November 25, 2020, 03:31:45 AM »
Hi there,

My CWP Pro GUI shows I have 176 available yum/rpm updates.
Usually this was moving around 1-10 max and I was updating my system with (almost) no fear.
About 2 weeks ago I all of a sudden got these 176 updates notification, and I'm really afraid to let it update so many updates.

What do you say? I'm running CentOS 7 by the way...

Re: Too many system updates
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2020, 04:43:18 PM »
These system updates are provided by Centos and not by CWP. They are regular Linux security updates, and usually don't cause any problems.

Here is what I do when I get such a notification:
1. Wait at least one day, so updates causing major problems could be revoked/replaced
2. I run a copy of Centos 7 with CWP in Virtualbox in addition to my live server. This way I can install and test updates in there before I have to apply them to my main server. Sadly I can only use CentOS Web Panel free in Virtualbox because it's not reachable from the Internet.
3. After updating, I run the following command from a terminal:
needs-restarting -r
to check whether one of the updates requires a reboot. If necessary, I restart the system via Centos Web Panel.
4. I test all the services I normally use in the virtual machine.
5. Once I'm sure the updates have no negative side effect, I apply them also to my main server.

Btw, I have already tested and applied these new updates.