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CERTBOT SSL certificate
« on: April 14, 2017, 09:48:36 AM »

I have never installed an SSL certificate, I have read a lot about it and have seen lots of very expensive prices for an SSL Certificates.

I do understand that a company has to live but why some are so expensive ? just to say that the site where you're on is the correct site, we have checked it, and you have to renew it every year but what do they check the next year ?

Plus here in my country 99% of the people do not even know that these SSL certificates check your company (for some SSL certificates), they just know that it is secured because they see a green cadenas (if they check ?)

I am reading about Certbot, I suppose it is as much secured as any other SSL certificate yes-No ? as long as datas are encrypt.

Light me up here, thanks...
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Re: CERTBOT SSL certificate
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 12:50:58 PM »
OK I have found that I could do all this through CWP SSL Cert Manager

I did the autossl to see what it does and tested the links given.

Testing show ok but

1) How do you best redirect to https as for now it keeps going to http automatically
2) There is no company detail in the browser certificate, should I redo it manually, delete the ssl certificate and restart.
3) Should we only redirect login pages, create account pages etc... or all website.

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