Author Topic: just wandering why it is asking for a domain for creating an account ?  (Read 2358 times)

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im just wandering why we need to add a domain when creating an account?

i mean ones the client logs in they can add there domains by themselves, so why do we need to have a domain name when creating an account why not just a username?

is there a way to tern off this domain on account creation as many of my client don't allays have a domain name when there create an account on my hosting many would like to gets a domain name after creating an account.
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Re: just wandering why it is asking for a domain for creating an account ?
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The way I see it:
1. When the client login it`s possible not to add a domain.
2. If they don`t add a domain they will open their web page on http://server-domain.tld/~user/public_html/
3. Opening http://server-domain.tld/~user/public_html/ is a security risk for the client`s files and for the server.
Have fun and continue adding username.server-domain.tld as a domain for new clients.
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