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Total OFF Topic(Need advice)
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:08:00 AM »
Hello guys,
I got my servers in the town connected to a gigabit fiber optic internet. Two years ago with my wife we decided that in the town is too crowded, too noisy and the air is too dirty, so we found and we bought a house in a small village 28km from the town. My problem is that the village is small and there`s only one company providing internet here and it`s a big sh*t so my connection to the servers got dropped every 5-10min and I have to start everything from the beginning. As I don`t have any XP with long range WiFi(just LAN) I need advice. In the town I have an apartment where I have 200Mbps internet connection, but as I live in the village I just pay for it without using it. So I decided to buy 2 antennas and to bring myself internet here. The distance is exactly 28km between the apartment and the house(if the GPS is correct). The apartment is in a block with 8 floors. It`s on the north part of the town and it`s up on the hill so it`s pretty high. I was reading a bit for this and I understand about the clear view between the two antennas. After I checked it on the way there are few trees which I think is not a very very big problem for the signal(ok, there might be loses but not that much). I was checking on internet for antennas and I stopped on this one: NBM365 Ubiquiti 3.65 GHz NanoBridge, airMAX, 22 dBi (2 Parts, NBM365+NB-OD3). As they say the range is 30+km, so I think it will be ok. But I`m not sure. Bringing UTP or Fiber to here is impossible(nobody wants to do it for 1 customer in a village with 100 people). Satellite internet - too expensive. If you have any XP with long range WiFi antennas please share it with me.
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